Welcome to the JobTeaser platform, we are delighted to have you with us on this journey to prepare the new generation to reach their full potential, embrace the future with optimism and make their mark in the world.


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❓ For any questions related to the platform use and how to optimize it:

  • Contact your main contact at JobTeaser 📞

🛠 For any questions related to unusual behaviour on the Career Center or any comments about the Help Center:

  • Do not hesitate to consult our Status Page.
  • Send an e-mail to support.careercenter@jobteaser.com (dedicated email address for administrators of the Career Center)

  • Please make sure to include as much information as possible in your email, including:
    • Email address of the affected user
    • Screenshots of the error message
    • URL of the page
  • Our team will come back to you within 24 hours ⌚


Below you will find a guide to the most used modules of the platform.



1. Student View

Before exploring the admin part of the platform, it is important to understand what students see and how they use your Career Center, so you can relate it to the content you are creating.

To access the student view, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and then "Student View". 




2. Jobs module

The jobs module is the place where you can manage all of the jobs posted on the platform. Here you can post jobs yourself on behalf of companies, or manage the jobs that they have uploaded themselves.

To find out more on how to use this module, visit our article What is the Jobs module



3. Events module

The events module is where you can organise and manage several types of events on the platform, from company webinars to small Virtual Career fairs. You can also organise events on behalf of companies.


What is the events module?

Creating your first event




4. Companies module 

One of the main features of the platform is being able to manage your corporate relations. Companies can have their own company page to advertise themselves to students and you can assign different partnership levels, giving access to different parts of the platform.


What is the Companies Module?




5. Appointments module

The appointments module is the place where students can go tobook meetings with Careers Advisers- this could be to go over a CV, to plan for an upcoming interview to get some advice on their future.

How to set up the new Appointments module

Using the new Appointments module as an advisor




6. Resources module

The Resources module is the most customisable module on the platform- this is the place where you can add your own University content to further enrich the experience of the student on the platform. 


Understand the Resources Module




7. Automated Newsletter

Every Monday, a newsletter is sent to students who have opted in which contains information on upcoming events which may interest them. You can also add your own text edito here which is a great place to pass on any additional information to students which you would like to share proactively.


Understanding the Automatic Newsletter module




8. Users module

The Users module allows you to help your students individually by tracking their path and activity on the Career Centre. You can then better advise them in their search for an internship or job.

Understanding the Users module




To go in to more detail on how your Career Center works, visit the Help Center homepage where you will find lots more content to guide you.


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