Making your Career Center easily accessible

To maximize the use of the Career Center by companies and students, it is important to promote the link to both recruiters and students!

  • For recruiters

The link to publish a job on your Career Center needs to be on your website. Any company wishing to submit a job on your Career Center must be able to find it by typing "Submit a job [name of your establishment]" in the search bar of its browser.

  • For students 

Please find below 4 good practices to improve the visibility of the site to your students:

 Identify the communication channels most used by students Facebook groups, job websites, intranet, external sites, etc.

Choose an easily accessible location by including it in the school intranet (the link has to be accessible in less than 3 clicks)

Give the site an obvious name  for example "My Career Center"

 Catch attention by adding a Career Center logo or putting the link on a banner


What is the 3-click rule? 


The 3-click rule is an ergonomic principle arguing that all content should be accessible to users by following a maximum of 3 pages from the homepage.

Keep in mind that your objective is to do it in 1 click!


Do not hesitate to send a screenshot of your site - once online - to our Customer Success Team at!


Examples for page design

Below you will find a few exemplary elements and guidelines on how to integrate the Career Center into your institution's website.


Presentation of the Career Center


(The Career Center logo is available in white and black)

In cooperation with JobTeaser we offer you the Career Center - a free platform where students can inform themselves about companies, events, internships and job offers. 

(Do not hesitate to show the students what to expect in the Career Center, for example with screenshots or a Powerpoint presentation)

(With a button you can make the access more conspicuous and attractive. If you use a different registration method for your alumni, you can also highlight the alumni link with a button on your website)


(Integrate an automatically updated preview of specific job ads on your website with an RSS feed)


Publish job ads

You would like to publish a job ad in our Career Center? Create your free recruiter account with just a few clicks to create job ads and manage applications.

(Don't forget to also give your company contacts a clear opportunity to find their way to the Career Center and post their job ads there. Such a button can, for example, lead to the registration form for recruiters)




Going one step further 

You do not only want to publish job ads, but also to establish a special relationship with our students by introducing yourself as a company and organizing events at our university? Get in touch with us and learn more about the various opportunities the Career Center has to offer.

(If your institution has special relationships with certain companies, you can offer them special benefits by providing them with the link to create a company profile, assigning them a partnership level, or sharing statistics through the Career Center. Such a button can, for example, send an e-mail to your Career Services team).

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