Understanding the Automatic Events alert


The automatic events alert in the back office allows you to communicate about your and your partner companies' events.


(1) Notification to specify if your editorial will be sent or not in the next events alert: to encourage students to read this editorial, the editorial will only be sent if it was modified the past week. This notification at the top of the page tells you if the editorial has been changed since the previous week, and therefore whether it will be sent in the next newsletter. 

(2) Save editorial: this feature allows you to save your editorial indefinitely. Not checking it means that the editorial you have entered will be automatically deleted the following Wednesday.

(3) Adding an editorial: you can customise the events alert by adding an editorial to the introduction of the email. This allows you to highlight the major event of the coming week, an important news item, information to remember, etc. For this editorial to be read, it must be short and impactful: do not include too much information in one week. 

(4) Choice of language for the editorial: you can customise the editorial in the language of your choice. The editorial received by the student is the main language of their personal space. 

(5) Setting up an alumni editorial: if your alumni have access to your Career Center, you can set up a separate editorial from the student one.

(6) Saving the editorial: once you have created your editorial, you can save it for inclusion in the next automatic alert sent to students.



(7) Test newsletter setup: you can check the editorial layout and content of the alert by sending yourself a test newsletter according to your profile, languages and search criteria, by entering your email address.  

(8) Save and send a test newsletter: this button allows you to view the test email corresponding to the fields pre-filled in step (7). 

Note: If the last connection date of a user is more than one year ago, the user will not receive the Events Newsletter.

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