To ensure that there are enough private job vacancies before your official launch, make sure recruiters know how to post a job offer via the form. It is important to communicate with them before communicating to students. 

  • When should you communicate? 

Two weeks before the official launch, to give them enough time to publish private job vacancies and create company pages.

  • Which companies should you communicate with?

Your partner companies, companies regularly posting job vacancies, your alumni's companies and companies present at your career fairs.

  • How should you communicate? 

5 steps to communicate effectively:

  1. Put the recruiter link on your external site with an explanatory text and a visual, preferably on the part of your site reserved for companies. For example, this could be under a "Submit an offer" visual
  2. Share the link on a LinkedIn post
  3. Write and send a press release
  4. Send an email with the new link to companies
  5. Include the recruiter link in your signature 

Feel free to use the companies' communication pack. It contains email and presentation templates to help you to effectively communicate with companies. 

For communication packs in other languages, please follow the following link.


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