Understanding the Users module

The Users module allows you to help your students individually by tracking their path and activity on the Career Centre. You can then better advise them in their search for an internship or job.

With this module you can:

  • View the list of registered users on your Career Centre and analyse the content on their profile
  • See the content on their profile in order to best advise them on their career guidance and provide them with personalised advice
  • Make sure their search criteria matches their skills
  • Ensure that they apply for jobs and attend events tailored to their profile


In the Users module of your Back Office, you can manage the registrants of your Career Centre.

(1) Search Bar: the search bar allows you to search for registrants by name / surname / email address, by course programme or by CV (for those who have a CV attached to their profile)

(2) Registrant List: you can view all students registered to your Career Centre and their last login date

(3) Viewing the student's profile: you can view the student's detailed profile

(4) CSV export: you can make a CSV export of all registered users of your Career Centre

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