Integrating private content

Integrating private content to your platform prior to the launch is essential to make it a success. It is better to slightly delay the launch in order to add more private content than to launch it without enough content.

  • What does content integration mean?

Content integration means adding your own private content to the platform which will exist alongside the public content generated by JobTeaser's partner companies.

To integrate private content to your Career Center and access the different modules, you simply need an admin account on the platform. This account is usually  created by our team after you have filled out the configuration form. 


  • What content should you add? 

Private content is content added or accepted by your institution and is only available to your students. It could be job adverts, events, articles, information about partner companies or company pages.


  • Why is it important to add private content before launching the Career Center?

The students' first impression of the Career Centre is essential.

To give students a good first impression, it is important they understand that the platform has content that is specifically targeted to them, in addition to JobTeaser's own content.




  • Create at least 3 upcoming events on the platform 
  • Validate or create at least 3 private job adverts
  • Validate or create at least 3 private company pages
  • Identify which companies are partners 
  • Create at least 3 articles in the Knowledge Center (Resources) module
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