It is essential to prepare your communication plan in advance in order to reach all students and make the launch a success on D-Day.

Discover all our communication packs, published especially for you!

For communication packs in other languages, please follow the following link.

You can also share with them the video presentation of the Career Center available here!


We recommend you to build your communication plan in advance and use all the communication channels at your disposal, online (emails, Facebook, LinkedIn, screens, association sites, etc.) and offline (posters, face-to-face workshops, etc.).

  • When should you communicate?
Communicate at three times:
  • One week before the official date, to announce the upcoming launch
  • D-Day!!!
  • Give reminder shots in the following weeks for those who missed the information


  • Who are the targeted students?

All of your student classes. We recommend you to tailor your communication to each program. The message for a first-year student building their professional project is indeed not the same as for a student looking for a pre-employment internship. 

Consider involving first-year students by communicating about the student jobs they can find on the platform!


  • How should you communicate? 

Communicate effectively in 4 key steps:

  1. Place the student access link to the Career Center on your intranet or external site (find all best practices to highlight your link here)
  2. Send targeted emails by promo
  3. Remember to post regularly on social networks! (Facebook groups in particular)
  4. Organise presentation amphitheatres per promotion
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