A new version of the "Advice" module


The Advice module gathers articles for students to reflect on their career and prepare their applications, as an addition to what their uni is offering on their Career Center. This common basis of mutualized content is managed by JobTeaser.

After many years with no evolution, we decided to revamp the module this summer in order to:

  • Improve browsing and reading of articles
  • Improve the content quality and relevance


When is the module going to be deployed in my Career Center?

The module is already available on our public website (www.jobteaser.com/en/advices), and we are in the process of deploying it through our universities network. We will then be able to iterate, based on the behaviour and feedback from users.

Only the universities that have it activated are affected and we let the students switch back to the old version if they wish to.


What are the new features?

This revamp includes:

  • A better user experience through a new design and re-thought navigation

  • Better readability of articles, with other information, such as the last update or the author

  • New "enriched" content (video and audio/podcast articles)


What's new regarding the content?

The new menu is modelled on the key steps of the universal guidance journey:

  • know yourself
  • explore the market
  • opportunities

The already existing articles that are most consulted have been revised and improved by our content team. Gradually, the least consulted articles will be deleted to give way to new articles, including "enriched" content. 

Those evolutions are based on the work of our innovation team.



What is the impact on the Ressources module?

No change is planned on the Ressources module so far.

However, the implementation of this new version of the Advice module will allow us to gather very informative feedback - both qualitative and quantitative - on students' behaviour regarding content and articles.

With these data and findings, we will be able to study the relevance of a redesign of the Resources module in the future. As a reminder, such a project depends on the roadmap and strategy of our product team, whose objective is to best meet the needs of students. Hence, we cannot commit to such a programme at this time.


As always, we are open to students' and admins' suggestions: do not hesitate to share your feedback to your JobTeaser contact!

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