Avoid SPAM: How do you manage JobTeaser e-mail transfers?

We would like to inform you of an important update concerning the sending of emails from our platform. Due to new policies introduced by Gmail and Yahoo from 1 February 2024, it is imperative that we strengthen certain checks to ensure compliance and guarantee the security of the emails you receive. This may have an impact on the reception of emails from our platform.


Why is this update necessary?


Recent policies introduced by Gmail and Yahoo require email senders to implement measures such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). These measures are designed to guarantee the authenticity of e-mails and to combat phishing and SPAM activities.

These new policies may cause problems for users who have configured e-mail forwarding from their student e-mail address to their personal mailbox. This is because the forwarding process can change the content of the e-mail, which is now strictly controlled by anti-SPAM policies.


The solution: Replace email forwarding by retrieving your emails from your personal mailbox using IMAP.


We understand that some of you have set up e-mail forwarding to receive your messages directly in your personal mailbox. However, we recommend that you switch to using IMAP rather than e-mail forwarding if you are experiencing SPAM problems.


How does your personal mailbox retrieve your e-mails using IMAP and how can this help you?


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a messaging protocol that allows multiple devices to remain synchronised with the mail server. Unlike e-mail forwarding, which can alter the content, using IMAP ensures that e-mails remain intact throughout the delivery process.


How do you configure IMAP on your inbox?

  • Open your mailbox settings.
  • Select "Add an account" or "Configure an account".
  • Choose the "IMAP" option when configuring the account type.
  • Enter the required details, such as your JobTeaser email address and password.
  • Follow the instructions specific to your email client to complete the configuration.


By switching to IMAP, you'll ensure the smooth delivery of your emails while remaining compliant with the new anti-SPAM policies.

We understand that this transition may require some adjustment, but it is essential to ensure the secure delivery of your communications. If you have any questions or encounter any problems during the configuration process, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in ensuring an optimal email experience on JobTeaser.


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