In order to ensure the quality of our product, we generally complement our technical and functional reviews with use tests.


What’s a use test?

These tests consist of assessing a feature relevance for a sample of users directly on the platform.

If the test succeeds, the feature is widespread to all users.

If the test fails, the feature is either revised or removed from the platform.

These tests are absolutely essential to succeed with product improvements since the product is complex and the users’ behaviors are diverse.

Practically, what does it bring?

These tests guarantee that the features we provide our Career Center users with are relevant. Product improvements are thus validated by usage data - by users themselves basically - before they’re generalized.

How long can a test last?

The tests’ durations depend on the traffic on the tested features. It can go from a few hours on very busy pages to a few weeks for less used parts of the product.

Can I face a use test while navigating through the platform?

Yes, it can happen. Tests can affect a whole page or a mere button. Tests are targeted to parts of the product. If you face this kind of change, it might not be permanent and could be removed.


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