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The Career Centre is the new online Career platform for your University. The Career Center is a website where students can find information about companies and look for internship and job vacancies. To allow a targeted population to access the Career Center, JobTeaser supports multiple SSO integrations. Using an SSO integration means that it is your authentication server that authorizes the student to use JobTeaser. 

Integration SSO CAS


CAS is an enterprise Single Sign-On solution for web services. Single Sign-On (SSO) means a better user experience when running a multitude of web services, each with its own means of authentication. With a SSO solution, different web services may authenticate to one authoritative source of trust, that the user needs to log in to, instead of requiring the end-user to log in into each separate service.

     +------------+           +------------+          +-----------+
     |   Service  |           |  Student   |          |   Auth    |
     |  Provider  |           |            |          |  Server   |
     +------------+           +------------+          +-----------+
           |                        |                       |
           |<-- request resource- --|                       |
           |--- redirect to IDP --->|                       |
           |                        |                       |
           |                        |----- request IDP ---->|
           |                        |<--  Get CAS ticket  --|
           |                        |                       |
           |<--  send CAS ticket  --|                       |
           |                        |                       |
           |------------ ask ticket validation ------------>|
           |<----------- send user informations ------------|
           |                        |                       |

Setup of your platform

We manage CAS from V2

Technical Environments

The following IP addresses have to be authorized to request your authentication server:

  • Development: to
  • Production:, and
  • Pre Production:, and

If you have an access control mechanism on your CAS server, we need you to authorise our platform by allowing the following domains:


JobTeaser Configuration


  • Url of the CAS Server
  • Validation url of the CAS Server
  • Test user account for end-to-end validation with the mandatory attributes.

User attributes

User attributes that can be included to the integration are:

  • last_name : mandatory - Last name / String
  • first_name : mandatory - First name / String
  • email : mandatory - adresse email / String

Note: The uid attributes is a unique key that allows JobTeaser to identify the user. This attribute is included by CAS protocol, so it’s not necessary to add it to the user attributes.

The uid must have a persistent format and must not be an email.



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