Choosing the technical integration

Before launching your Career Center, you will have to choose the type of technical integration you want to implement.

Here is an overview of the options:

When configuring your Career Center, the creation of user accounts via a registration page on the JobTeaser platform can be set up, either as a unique solution or in addition to SSO integration in some special cases.

A user email address control is performed in order to determine what users are authorised to create an account via this page.

If a user email address is authorised, the user will receive an email. The user must then confirm their account by clicking on the security link included in the email.


Email address validation

In order to determine if an email address is authorised to create an account on the Career Centre, two levels of control can be set up:

  • on the domain name: for example, if the domain is authorized, any email address in the form will be authorised. We recommend this solution for its efficiency, simplicity, and its quick implementation.
  • via a webservice: a sort of computing directory that contains a list of authorised email addresses. Provided by the school to JobTeaser, the webservice is consulted when a user wishes to create an account on the Career Center: if  the email is authorised, the account is created. Click here to access the documentation about this webservice.

In both cases, the user needs to confirm their email address by clicking on the link included in the email they received. 


SSO Single Sign On integration

The Career Center is your school's career platform. It is a website where students can find information about companies, find internships and find jobs. These users can access the Career Centre by logging in via your institution's authentification system.

You will find below the documentation relative to the seamless integration types that we support:

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