Method 1/2: How do I create an online Career fair or Recruitment session?

There are two methods to organize your online Career Fair:

  1. Method 1: Keep all event management on the school side (you don't have to rely on participating companies to set up their events on time). 
  2. Method 2: Involve companies in the organization (choose this option if you're sure of the responsiveness of your participating companies). This solution is explained in detail in this article.

In this article, we explain the process when the entire forum organisation is managed by the school (Method 1).

We offer you a solution enabling you to organise all or part of your business forum remotely with your Career Center.

This solution involves using the Events module together with a third-party videoconferencing tool (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, etc.). The school must therefore have access to one of these tools in order to organise its online forum using this method.

The Events module can be used to organise different types of discussion using slots. For example, you can organise :

  • Individual interviews (one company representative / 1 student)
  • Group interviews (one company representative / a group of students of 15, 20, 50 people, at your convenience)
  • Conferences (with one or more speakers and the possibility for all students to register with unlimited places)

We have produced explanatory videos showing how to organise individual interviews. The same method can be used to organise group interviews, simply by indicating the number of places chosen for each slot.


1. Create an event for each company taking part in your forum (we call them "sub-events")

For sub-events where the company uses a single link for all its one-to-one meetings, you can now add this link in the "Videoconference URL" field for each slot.

For those using a single link for all their interviews, you can enter the videoconferencing URL as shown below:


Once the sub-event is created, it will be by default "inactive" and students won't be able to see it in their Events module. You can "preview the event" to check the event's view on a student's page. 

After the first sub-event is created successfully, you can "duplicate the event" to create and modify other sub-events. You just need to change relative information for different sub-events. 


2. Create the main event to which we will link the sub-events created previously

Create a new event from your Back Office. 

You can fill out the information as you wish, though for the main event, you don't need students to register so you choose "Event without registration". 


3. Linking sub-events to the main event using the "umbrella event" technique

In the description of the main event, you will need to insert links which will lead students to relative sub-events you created before.

To get the links of sub-events, you need to go to the detail page of respective sub-events and click on "preview the event". When you get the student's view of the event, copy-paste the link of that page

Insert the link in the description of the main event edit page, then "update the event".

After these steps, active ONLY the main event and leave the sub-events inactive so that students will only see the main event directly and be redirected to relative sub-events according to their choice. You can choose to pin the main event so that it will appear at the top of the Events module from student's view. 


4. Simulation of a student registering for individual interviews

The access link to each session will be visible to registered students directly on the event page.

Before the beginning of the event (example) :


On the day of the beginning of the event (example) :


5. Send the list of registrants and videoconference links to companies in advance of the forum by exporting slots.

To export the list of registrants of respective event, click on the "Slots" in sub-event detail page, then click on "Excel Export". 


6. Now all you have to do is communicate effectively with your students about your virtual forum. To do this, we recommend that you email the event link to your students (using the front office link for the main event) and follow the advice in this short article.


For more information, we invite you to watch the replay of our online training session dedicated to this subject, accessible from this article.

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