How to set up slots on an event?

The event registration settings allow you to create and manage student registrations, including the creation of slot events.
Create a slotted event: If the event is already created, click on "Edit Event", otherwise, create a new event and go to Step 2: Set up registration.

Select "Registration via JobTeaser" and tick "Yes" to offer several registration slots to the user. You can: 

  • Make slot registration mandatory or not
  • Determine the maximum number of slots the user can register for (leave it blank if you do not want to limit the student)



Set up the slots: You can fill in several fields for each slot (fields preceded by an * are mandatory):

  • The date and times of the beginning and end.
  • The URL of the videoconference specific to this slot: If your slot is online, enter the videoconference URL of the slot. You can use the video conferencing tool of your choice: Teams, Zoom, Google Meet... Make sure you put a different URL for each of your events or slots.
  • The title.
  • A description: place, room, speakers, etc.
  • The number of places available for this slot (to be left empty if there is no limit).


Add a slot: Once the first slot has been created, you can generate other slots in a simplified way by clicking on "Add a new slot". The slot will start on the end date of the previous slot and will be for the same duration as the previous one. 


Modify a slot: Click on "Edit event", select the relevant slot and edit it.


Delete a slot: Click on "Edit event", select the concerned slot and delete it by clicking on the corresponding trash can.

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