How do I attach a temporary CV library to my event?

For an event that involves companies, such as careers fairs, you can share the CVs of the participating students in the event with the companies, either as a CVbook or as a CV library attached to the event!

To be able to create a temporary CV library for an event, you have to follow these steps when creating your event:

  1. When choosing the registration method, tick "Registration on the website".
  2. Select "CV required" (Note: if you do not check this box, it will be impossible to generate a CVbook related to the event).
  3. Choose the information you want to collect about the students registering to the event (job categories searched, availability, etc.) in order to be able to filter according to these criteria and generate CVbooks targeted by profile.

As soon as the event is saved, you find the button to create a temporary talent bank with the respective start and end date next to your event actions: 


To share the CVs of students at companies, two options exist:
  1. Generate a CVbook with the CVs of the students registered at the event.
  2. Give the company access to the event's CV library directly from their back-office. Note that this option is only possible if the company already has a company profile on your Career Centre.


Solution 1: Generate a CVBook from the temporary CV library
  • Select the CVs of the students registered for the event: if you asked your students questions at the time of registration, you can filter by answers.
  • Click on "Generate a CVbook": you can add a cover and a back cover to illustrate your CVbooks.
  • Enter your email address and export your CVbook in one click: you will receive the CVbook in PDF format (CVs are listed in alphabetical order). Attention, the link to download the CVBook is only valid for 24 hours. We then recommend that you send it as a wetransfer file to recruiters. 



Solution 2: Give access to the temporary CV library to a company that has a company profile on your Career Center
  • How to give the company access to the CV library?
When creating the event, in the "Associated company spaces" field, select the companies participating in the event and having a profile (note that the company must have an active company space to be linked to the event).
Recruiters participating in your event have access to the temporary CV library from their back-office. They will be able to filter and upload the CVs they are interested in according to the available search criteria, based on the elements you selected in the "Candidate Information" tab when creating the event. 
  • When can I give the company access to the event's CV library?
The CV library of your event is a temporary CV library, i.e. it will only be accessible for a certain period of time. For example, for a careers fair, we recommend that you open the CV library 10 days before the forum and close the CV library 10 days after the careers fair. The profiles and CVs of the students registered for the event are then visible to recruiters for the duration you have chosen.  
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