A student cannot register

Email address control

If a student cannot register for an account on your Career Centre, it means they are not using an authorised email address domain for your Career Centre.
Please ask the student which email address they are using in order to ensure that they are using their university email address with the authorised format (e.g. @universityname.ac.uk).



If a student cannot register, it could mean two things:
  • Their email address is not authorised by your Webservice
  • They are not using the correct email address set up in the Webservice
In both cases, please ask the student which email address they used to register. Then contact your IT team to verify that the address is authorised by the Webservice.
If this address is authorised, then contact our support team: support.careercenter@jobteaser.com.



With SSO, credentials are provided directly by the university. 

  • If the error message is related to credentials, please contact your IT team directly to help the students concerned
  • If the error message is different (e.g. Error 500, Access Denied) please contact our Support Team: support.careercenter@jobteaser.com
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