Using the new Appointments module as an advisor

This article is about using the appointments module once it has already been set up. Please see the following article if you would like to know how to set up the module:
How to set up the new Appointments module


We have also produced some video content that gives a more detailed view of the module and will help you to better understand how it works:


The article will be split in to 5 parts:

  1. Creating an advisor profile
  2. Adding Appointments
  3. Adding Availability slots
  4. Managing existing appointments
  5. Suggest appointments to students


1. Creating an advisor profile

  • Select the "Advisers" tab
  • Click on "Add an Adviser".
  • Select your account in the first field and edit your profile to be as comprehensive as possible.
  • Click on "Create".
  • You can indicate the appointment formats that you will make, this information is for the information of students, several formats can be indicated.



2. Adding Appointments



Once you arrive on the Appointments module, you will be taken straight to your calendar.

From here, in the top right-hand corner, you have the option to 'Add new', where you can then select 'Appointment'.



You can also click directly on a time in your calendar and add an appointment from there, as shown above.




From here there are several bits of information that you need to fill out:

Student: For a student to appear, it is necessary to type at least three characters. The student must already have an account on the JobTeaser platform in order to add them

Appointment type: You can select from a drop-down list, or start typing to search- the appointment type must already exist. 

Adviser: This works in the same way as the student field- the adviser must exist and you can find them by searching the first three letters

On site/ Remote: If you select "On site", you will have the opportunity to select a Campus and write down any room that you have booked for the appointment. If you select "Remote", you can add either a video conferencing URL or a phone number. This will be included in the email confirmation to the student.

Message about the appointment: If there is any information you would like to provide the student with before the appointment, you can do so in this message. They will receive this message in the confirmation email


Once you have done this, click on "Create" and the student will receive an email confirming the appointment is booked, also including where the appointment will take place and your personalised message.


3. Adding Availabilities







You add an availability slot in the same way as you add an appointment, either by clicking on "Add new" in the top right-hand corner or by clicking directly on your calendar.


Once you click on "Availability slot", you will be taken to a similar page as for booking appointments:




Adviser: The adviser must exist and you can find them by searching the first three letters. If you have an administrator account you can create availabilities for your colleagues as well as yourself.

Appointment type: You can select from a drop-down list, or start typing to search- the appointment type must already exist. 

Date/Time: First select the date and time of the original availability slot. Please be aware that the length of the slot needs to include enough time for any break time associated with the appointment type. If the slot is too short, the availability will not show for students. You can then select if it repeats every week (once a week, on the same day), every weekday, or not at all. 

Conferencing tool and location: Either manually add a conferencing URL/ phone number or select a campus from the drop-down list. You must choose one of the two options.


Once that is done, click on "Create" and the availabilities will be visible both in your calendar and for students.


4. Managing existing appointments

Once you have availabilities set up and students start booking appointments, your view will look something like the below:


In light green are the availability slots which are labeled as so.

In white are the appointment requests.

In dark green are the confirmed appointments. 

When you click on an appointment request, you will see the following:




From here you can "Open request" to see more details about the appointment request:



On this page, you will see two main parts.
On the left-hand side, we have the details of the appointment itself. We have the type of appointment, the adviser, the time, place and also the message left by the student and any documents they have attached.

On the right-hand side, we have details about the actual student. We have the name and email address, how many appointments they have booked in the past as well how many no-shows, and we can also click on the student profile to find out any more information we might need.

If we are happy with the request, we can click on "Accept" and we are taken to the following pop-up to add a message to the appointment confirmation email. The same applies if we click on "Refuse" if there is any reason why to add.




Once the appointment has been accepted, the colour on the calendar will change, and if we would like to make any changes to the appointment, we just click on "Edit", as shown below.



We are then taken to the following page. This page is not only useful to edit the appointment settings but also for follow-up once the meeting has finished.


On the right-hand side, we can change the status of the students' presence- if they did not show up, we can add this here.

On the left-hand side, at the top, we can update any information about the actual appointment. The student will receive an email for any updates made here, so that they don't miss any information.

On the left-hand side, at the bottom, we have the Student follow-up section. Here we can add notes which we would like to share with the student about the meeting, which will be sent by email once we click on "save changes". We can also write an internal review on the student which will only be seen by administrators.


5. Suggest appointments to students

You have the ability to invite students to book a particular appointment by sharing a filtered view of availabilities: by appointment type, by campus or by adviser.

To do this, simply go to the front office and add a filter in the search bar.


You will then need to share the url with the parameters you have entered to your students to make it easier for them to find you!

GOOD PRACTICE: Don't hesitate to add a filter on your adviser profile and add this link in your email signature!


If you have any questions about the new module, don't hesitate to watch the following videos to have more information:

If you don't find the answer you are looking for then don't hesitate to reach out to your main POC or the support team for more technical issues.



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