How to set up the new Appointments module

Before you can use the Appointments module and make it visible to students, you need to set it up.

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The setup of the appointment module is done in 4 steps ⤵️ :


1. Settings of the module

In the Appointment module, select the "Settings" tab
From here you can select a title that will be visible in the appointment booking page for the students and a message to the students:



2. Adding advisers

  • Select the "Advisers" tab
  • Click on "Add an Adviser".
  • Enter a Career Center administrator or career_advisor account and then edit their profile to be as comprehensive as possible. Then click on "Create".
  • You can indicate the appointment formats that the advisor will make, this information is for the information of students, several formats can be indicated.
  • Note that if you are working with external coaches, you can create a "Career Adviser" profile for them (so that they have limited administrator access to the Appointments module).



3. Creating the proposed appointment types

  • In the Appointment module, select the "Appointment types" tab
  • Click on "Add an appointment type".
  • Fill in the title and select the duration of the proposed appointment. Note that if the desired duration is not included in the selections, it is also possible to manually enter a duration using the keyboard.
  • You can describe the proposed appointment as well as the instructions for participating in the appointment.



4. Adding the advisor's availability

  • In the Calendar tab, click on "Add" then "Availability".
  • Select the Advisor
  • Select the type(s) of appointment
  • Define the start and end date and time, and how often the availability is to be repeated
  • Please be aware that the length of the slot needs to include enough time for any break time associated with the appointment type. If the slot is too short, the availability will not show for students.
  • Type a video-conference link or choose the campus and indicate the room if necessary.
  • Click on "Create".

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