Consulting the number of views and applications to a job

You are able to view at any time the number of views, clicks and the number of candidates who have applied for a private offer from your back office.


Consulting applications to a job

You can see the number of applications for a vacancy at a glance, by clicking on the "Applicants" button on the right-hand side, with the number of applications for the respective vacancy. 



By clicking on the "Applicants" button you can retrieve all the applications (which are also sent in parallel to the email address indicated for application). 

On the left hand side you will find the list of candidates who have submitted an application.

ATTENTION: This tool is the same as the one available in the Recruiters Back Office. No action on your part is required here to enable them to access it.

Unprocessed applications are labelled with a gray "Unprocessed" tag.
Preselected applications are marked with a green tag "Preselected".
Refused applications are marked with a red tag "Declined".

Click on each of them to discover the CV, the application message or the cover letter.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 at 10.47.13.png

By clicking on the "Preselect" or "Decline" buttons, a contact form will open to allow you to contact the candidate directly:


An email is only sent if you click on "Send".

If you decline an application and you do not want the candidate to be able to reply to your email, select the option "I do not want my email to be shared with the candidate (no-reply)".



Consulting the number of views and clicks on a job

In the Jobs module of your Back Office, you can consult the number of views on private jobs.
You will see the following information:
(1) The number of (unique) views of the job: the number on the left is the number of views, which is the total number of views of the job, regardless of the user. The number on the right is the number of unique views, which is the number of views by different users (if the same user consults the same job multiple times, it will register it as a single view).

(2) The number of unique clicks: this number corresponds to the number of clicks on the  "Apply" button by different users (without necessarily applying).

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