How do I highlight jobs from a career fair?

To highlight jobs posted by the companies present at your career fair, you can:

  1. Push the career fair jobs forward
  2. Communicate on the career fair jobs to students

To highlight jobs on the Career Center, several options are possible:

  • Add a tag "Career Fair job" (in the case of private jobs)

Ask your contact at JobTeaser to create this tag. As for students, they will identify the career fair jobs very quickly.

  • Add a level of partnership "Companies at the career fair"

Ask your contact at JobTeaser to create the partnership level and invite the companies present at the career fair to create a company profile. You will then need to validate these profiles and identify the companies as "Companies at the career fair" by editing their profile. That way, all jobs posted by these companies will be highlighted to students in addition to their company page and events.

  • Add a useful "Career Fair jobs" link on the students' Dashboard (in addition to the tag)

Ask your contact at JobTeaser to add this useful link. This will be visible on the students' Dashboard and will redirect them directly to the career fair's tagged jobs.

  • Add a link to the career fair jobs in the description of the event

In the description of the event, you can include links to the companies' jobs.


For example, company A submitted jobs to your Career Center and will be present at the fair. On the student view, you can search by company name in the Jobs module. By typing "A" you will find all jobs posted by this company. You just need to copy the URL link that appears and include it in the description of your event. By clicking on it, students will be able to see all jobs posted by company A.


You can also share the fair jobs directly with your students via the job sharing buttons.

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