How do I post a job in the Career Center?

Add a job ad

Accept jobs on the platform



Add a job ad


In the Jobs module of your Back Office, as an administrator you are able to create private jobs on your Career Center by clicking on the "Add a job" button.


The creation of a job is split into 3 categories :

  1. Main information about the company
  2. Details of the job
  3. Application details 


As a first step, you will need to provide some information about the company. There are two possibilities:

(1) The company does not have a company profile: you must fill in the name and the industry of the company. In the field "Company", you are able to select the name of the company in order to have the following fields automatically pre-filled with the latest information about that company. We suggest that you download a logo to make the job more attractive.

(2) The company has a company profile on the Career Centre: you can link the job to its company's profile by typing the name of the company. That way, all information about the company will be pre-filled. Note that this feature is only available to university administrators.



The second step is to fill in all the information related to the job. Complete the job fields as much as possible in order to provide your students with as much detail as possible.

(1) Place: specify the job address using Google Places

(2) Description: describe the job, being as accurate as possible. You can customise the advert's presentation:

  • Change the text format
  • Add pictures, documents and videos
  • Add links

(3) Tags: add tags to clarify your job (see the "What is a tag" section for more details).

(4) Archiving rules: archiving rules were put in place to avoid the display of out of date jobs on the Career Centre. 

If there is a an application deadline indicated, the job is automatically archived at that date. Without an application deadline, the job is archived one month after its publication. 

By default, the start date is "Immediate". It is also possible to indicate a specific month in the dedicated field (up to 4 years after the creation date). 

(5) Job language: the chosen language will allow students who selected this language in their search criteria to see the job.


 Finally, you will need to give details of the job's application process.

(1) By email: the application is made via the Career Center. By entering their email address, the recruiter will be notified and receive the students' applications via email. They can also indicate if they expect a short text or a cover letter from the students (note that recruiters often prefer short text).

(2) On an external website: the students are redirected to the recruiter's website to apply to the job.



(1) Activate: after creating the job, simply activate it so students can see it.



Accept/refuse a job ad


In the Jobs module of your Back Office, you can also, as an administrator, accept or refuse jobs that have been entered by companies or recruiters.

(1) Select: You can either select a single job or click "Select All" to select all jobs

(2) Action on the job: You can then choose to accept or refuse the job



Confirm to accept the job.



You can indicate the reason of the refusal in a personalised message. The recruiter will be informed by email that their job was refused.


  • The "Deactivation date" field in the offer refers to the date of rejection of the offer.
  • Older versions of JobTeaser were allowing to add a PDF document to the job ad, please note that this tool was deactivated with the aim of promoting the attractiveness of the job ad to the students, with clear and complete information.
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