Get feedback after your events with Feedback Campaign

Looking to collect ideas to improve your events and better match students’ needs next year? Want to know what students think about your new event format? 


Use this brand new feature to collect feedback immediately after your events.

  • Use the survey tool you prefer: we adapt to the tool you are accustomed to using.
  • Save time: after the event, we’ll automatically send an email to every student who registered for the event.
  • You are in control: for each event, you decide to activate the feature or not and you can adapt your survey depending on the type of event.

Tell us what you think about this feature : answer our quick survey. 

How does the overall feature work?


If you would like to have access to the feature, ask your main contact at JobTeaser.


1. Create a feedback campaign

Can I use this feature with any type of event?

This feature only works with events for which the registration is managed via JobTeaser.


You can create a feedback campaign for an event only before the event’s end date.


Create your survey on your preferred tool

First, create the survey on your preferred tool. If you do not yet have one, you might want to try Typeform or Google Forms.

Here is an example of a survey you can create on Typeform.



Link your survey with your event

Then, on your event page, on the Back Office, click on “Get feedback”


Link your feedback survey to your event: just paste the survey URL in the URL field.



Check that your event is active

You must activate the event if you want to enable the automated email to collect feedback.

If your event is active when it ends, an automated email will be sent right after to all the students who registered (not only to attendees) with a link to the survey you've created on your own tool.

If the event is inactive when it ends, the automated email won't be sent.




2. Manage the feedback campaign 

Preview the survey 

Click on the “View survey” button to view the survey that will be sent in the feedback campaign.


Manage the survey 

You must do it on the tool you’ve chosen.


Edit the feedback campaign 

Click on the "Edit" button


Change the survey URL and save it to update your feedback campaign.



Cancel the feedback campaign 

Click on the edit button


Click on the "Delete" button.


Confirm you want to delete the feedback campaign


The feedback survey will not be sent, but your survey will still exist on your other tool.


3. How will students receive my feedback campaign?

Who will receive the feedback campaign?

Everyone who registered for the event (not only attendees) will receive the feedback survey.

It is interesting to collect the responses of people who participated in the event but also those of registered people who did not participate. This will help you understand why some people signed up but did not come. For this, you can create a logical path within your survey, with different questions if the person participated or not in the event.


Example of a survey with a logical path:


Students who are still on the waiting list and students who cancelled their registration, will not receive the automated email.

How and when will they receive the feedback campaign? 

The feedback campaign will be sent via email, after the end of the event. These emails are sent within 24 hours of the end of the event, at around 6pm, as this is the time of the day when the opening rates are highest, according to our analysis.

The email text cannot be personalised, but the email is automatically written in the main language the student chose in his/her account. 


4. See the results of your feedback campaign

See when the feedback campaign was sent and to how many recipients.

To access the full results of your survey, go to the tool on which you created the survey.


5. Why was my feedback campaign not sent?

The feedback campaign will not be sent if the event was inactive when it ended or if it was cancelled.



6. Tell us what you think about this feature

Answer our quick survey.

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