Company: How to switch from a recruiter account to a company account?

If your contact has a recruiter account, they will not be able to create a company account with the same email address.

Here is the procedure to follow in this case:

1. There are no active offers on this recruiter account

This contact can delete their recruiter account before creating his company account. To help him/her in this process, you can redirect him/her to the following article: 

2. There are active job ads on this recruiter account

There are two possibilities:

  • Delete the account knowing that the job ads will be archived, so they are no longer visible to students and there is no way to reactivate them
  • If they wish to keep the job ads online:
    • Modify the email address of the recruiter account (a non-existent email address can be chosen).
    • Create a company account on your Career Center
    • As an administrator, you will then be able to link the job ads to the newly created company profile. The applications and the edition of the respective ads will become available from the new back office of the company account
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