What is the difference between a one-page company profile and a full company profile?

You are able to edit the size of the company page of your partners from your Back Office. A full company profile has more functionalities than a one-page profile, so we recommend using it only for special partners to highlight them.


Which features are available for a full company profile?

In addition to all the features of the one-page profile, the full company profile is able to:

  • Add news 
  • Highlight the company's brands
  • Add testimonials from employees about positions
  • Add recruitment videos
  • Have an extra tab for teams
  • Have an extra tab for Events & News


How can I change the size of a company profile?

Go to the company module and select the company you want to edit by clicking on its title. Click on "Edit" on the top and select the desired account type from the drop-down menu.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 15.15.43.png

You can even select no company profile if you wish to hide the company page. They will still be able to post job ads and events. Please make sure to un-tick all active languages before switching to "no company profile", otherwise they will still appear in the student view.


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