What is the Companies module?

The Companies module in the Back-Office allows you to manage your private company profiles. It allows you to:

  • visualise all company profiles included in your Career Center (public or private)
  • identify your partner companies




(1) Add company: the "Add company" button allows you to create a private company page on your Career Centre

(2) Download CSV export: you can download an Excel export with all of the company pages on your Career Centre

(3) Use of the search filters: you can easily find a company page via the search bar.

(4) Active tab: Here you can see all company pages that are visible to users, also including JobTeaser partner companies
Inactive tab: These company pages are waiting to be validated by you !

(5) List of private companies: the tab "My companies" includes a list of private company pages that are only visible to your users (JobTeaser's customers' company pages are not included)

(6) Integration of a custom message: the "Custom Messages" tab includes a list of all companies for which you have integrated a custom message

(7) Actions: by clicking on the name of the company you can view its content and modify the settings of the page

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