Handle languages in the Companies module


Via the dashboard of the Companies module you visualize in which languages the company pages are activated, visible for the students. When the language is indicated in grey the company page is inactive, when it is in dark blue the company page is active.


When you add a company page - as an admin - a field allows you to choose the default language of the company page. The languages suggested are the ones activated for your Career Center (for any question regarding this configuration, feel free to ask your JobTeaser contact).



To create the company page in another language, click on "New translation".



Select the language and click on "Create selected translation".


You now need to translate the info of the company page in the selected language, then click on "Update this company". 


Once the page has been created in the selected languages, you need to activate the page for those languages, meaning make it visible for students with this language as their main language. To do so, click on "Manage activation".



Select the languages to activate then click on "Activate". The company page is visible to students for the languages activated.


To disable a company page for one of those languages, click on "Manage activation", unselect the desired language and click on "Activate". 

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