How do I promote my event?

We suggest several ways to promote your events to increase traffic and the number of attendees.

1. Highlight an event on the front page



Click on the pin next to the event to give it more visibility:

  • on the student side of the Career Centre: the event will appear at the top of the Events module in the Carousel, composed of five events.
  • in the automatic Newsletter which is sent to students every Monday.
You can pin as many events as you want. If you pin more than five events, the five most recent events will appear in the Carousel (they will be displayed in chronological order).
2. Use the Boost feature 
When you activate an event in the back-office, this event is published immediately and appears at the top of the results in the student Dashboard. This gives an enhanced visibility to the event right after it is published, but as time goes by and as more events are published, this event will lose visibility in the Dashboard. 
To boost your event and enhance its visibility, you can now put them at the top of the results in the student Dashboard thanks to the "Boost" 🚀 button in the back-office which is at the right of the pin. You can use the Boost feature at anytime and as many time as necessary. 
3. Share your event on social networks
We encourage you to share your events on social networks and other communication channels used by your institution. To do so, click on "Actions", then "View event" and select the sharing buttons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email) available at the bottom of the event page.

4. Add a promotional banner for your event in your useful links

You have the possibility to add useful links, visible on your students' homepage. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your event via this medium: students will see the banner announcing your event on their dashboard, and will be able to land on the page of your event in a single click!

To set up your useful links, all you need to do is send an email to your contact at JobTeaser, specifying:

  • the image/text you want to add
  • the link to which you want to redirect the image/text

If your banner/text is intended to be ephemeral, remember to specify to your contact the date it will be online and deactivated.


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