My availabilities are not visible by one or many students

If you are setting up availabilities, but you or your students are unable to view them in the Front Office, here is a list of parameters to check:


  • The programme

Each appointment type can be targeted to one or more programmes. If a student does not see your availability, check that at least one of the appointment types for which you are available is compatible with the student's programme.


To do this, please :

1. Check the targeting of your appointment type (Tab "Appointment types" > "Edit" > Field "Targeted programme")


2. Check your student's programme (Enrolled Module)



If your student's schedule is not compatible with targeting or if they have not entered a schedule, then they will not see the targeted appointment types.

You can also consult the article: Managing programs in the appointment module

  • Duration of the break for the appointment type

For each appointment type, you can configure the necessary break time to avoid chaining appointments.

If your availability is not visible, make sure that the break time configured for the type of appointment in question is compatible with an appointment that could have been taken in the slot preceding or following your availability.


  • Duplicate appointment types

Sometimes duplicate appointment types are created by mistake, thinking that they will make it easier to access appointments based on languages, for example.

This is not a good practice. Indeed, you should not create one appointment type per language, as this can create a dichotomy between the appointment type selected by the student in their search and the appointment type specified in your availability.

If a student does not see your availability, check that the appointment types are no duplicates.


  • Delay before the appointment

In order to avoid last-minute requests, you have the possibility to set a minimum delay between the requested date and the appointment start date for each appointment type.

If a student does not see your availability, check in the appointment type configuration so that the delay between the search time and the appointment start time is not too short.



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