Student: I can't book any appointment with an advisor. What should I do?

Sometimes students want to make an appointment with a counsellor via the platform but are unable to do so.


If a student reports this difficulty to you, the following checks should be made:

  • Did the advisors fill in any availabilities?
    • Check in the Appointment module in the Availability calendar
  • Does the student have a programme on their profile that is compatible with the type of appointment they want?
    • Check the student's programme on the "User" module
    • Go to the "Settings" module, then "Types of appointments".
    • Check that the student's programme is compatible with the targeting of the desired type of appointment


  • Are the languages spoken by the counsellor compatible with the languages whose content the student displays?
    • Ask the student what languages they have entered in their search criteriamceclip1.png
    • Check that these languages are compatible with those spoken by the adviser(s)
      • "Settings", then "Advisors".mceclip2.png


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