How to deal with company page duplicates ?


Duplicate company pages are when there are several company pages of the same company active in the same Career Center. This can be JobTeaser customer public pages or for a specific Career Center private company pages.

In the interest of consistency and relevance of content, the aim is to disable all private company pages that are duplicated on the Career Center.

In order to help us with this, we invite you to check before each activation of a company who registers on your Career Center if a public version of this company page is visible for your students.

If there is a duplicate page, please follow the following steps:

1. Locate the private company record to hide
2. Disable Active Languages ​​by clicking "Manage Activation", as shown below:


 3. Change the 'Account Type' to be 'no company profile', as shown below:



A few points to consider:

  • If the page has a partnership level assigned within your Career Center, apply this level of partnership to the public page as well.
  • Disabling these company pages does not affect the company account of these administrators, they will still have the possibility to:
    • access their company page even if it is inactive
    • to submit ads: it will be awaiting validation from you, the admin, and will be visible to students, once validated, even if the page is inactive
    • to access the Talent Bank if they had access initially
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