What is the Talent Banks module?

In the Talent Bank module, you have access to all CVs submitted by your students.

The Talent Bank module allows you to manage two types of Talent Banks:


(1) Use of the permanent Talent Bank: you can view all CVs of your students by clicking on the name of your Career Center in the 'Talent Bank' module

(2) Management of the permanent Talent Bank: here you can find the name of your institution in charge of the management of the Talent Bank

(3) Use of the ephemeral Talent Bank: here you can see all/ any ephemeral Talent Banks that have been activated for your institution, allowing you to find the CVs of those students who have registered to an event 

(4) Status of the Ephemeral Talent Bank: the "Active" tab indicates that your Talent Bank is currently active, which means that companies associated with the event can continue to consult the CVs of your students during the period indicated on the right.

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