Recruiter: How do I post a job?

In order to post a private job on your Career Center, the recruiter must log in using the recruiter or company link:


In order for recruiters to access this link, it is important that the link is accessible on your external website (see the Facilitate Access to My Career Center page for more recommendations on this topic).


Posting a private job via the recruiter link is done in 3 steps:


  • Provide profile information

The profile gives information about the recruiter (last name, first name, contact details, etc.). It also indicates whether they are a former student of the institution or not.

  •  Give a short description of the company

The recruiter will give brief information about their company, including their name, occupation and industry.

  • Post a job 

As soon as the recruiter is registered, they can post their first job on the Career Center. Fields marked with a star (*) are mandatory. Once created by the recruiter, this job must be approved by the institution in order to be visible to students.


Did you know? Posting a job via the recruiter form takes less than 5 minutes!

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