Student: I can no longer register for an event?

Sometimes a student is not able to register for an event.  There are various reasons why this problem may occur with registration:
  • The registration end date has passed 
When creating an event, you choose an end date for registration. After this date, registrations are closed and students can no longer register for the event. If you want to change this date, simply edit your event in your back office. 
  • The event is full
Some events are created with a limited number of places. If the number of registrations is reached, the student is able to register on a waiting list for the event. 
  • The student is registered for another event that takes place at the same time
When you check "Required attendance" when creating an event, you are preventing a student who has registered for another event taking place at the same time from registering for yours. This tool is useful when trying to to limit the number of no shows.
  • The event does not match the student's specific profile
Events are sometimes targeted to specific courses. This means that if a student is not registered one of the event's chosen course programmes, they will not be able to register, and the following message will be displayed: "Registration not available for your profile".
Did you know? You can allow registrations for a deactivated event on your Career Centre via a specific URL, if you provide your students with this link. This feature is particularly useful for very limited events that you do not want to publicise generally.
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