What are the rules for sending the Events alert?

In this article you will find all the rules for sending and selecting content for each student registered for the events alert.



The events alert is sent every Monday to students/administrators who have subscribed.

The subscription is done from the personal space : "Modify my criteria".



  • If no events match the student's search criteria, then the search is not sent.
  • In each section, the events are sorted by start date
  • If a section is empty, it is not displayed.


  • The student visualizes the contents according to the following filters: program, language, functions followed
  • There is no limit in terms of the number of events, as long as they comply with the display conditions
  • For each event, if it is inactive, the event is not displayed in the newsletter
  • All events in this section must start after this Monday
  • Events whose registration deadline has passed are not displayed

1. Editorial

You have the possibility to set up an editorial for student programs and a specific editorial for Alumni programs.

⚠ This insert is sent in the alert ONLY if it has been modified since last Monday.

You can check if the Editorial has been updated during the week directly from the Back Office of the Module.




2. Private events

In each section, the events are classified by start date.

Are eligible:

ONLY private events starting and ending within 15 days of the events alert mailing (next Tuesday to Tuesday 2 weeks later)

OR private events with a registration deadline within the next 15 days. In this case, the mention "last chance to register" appears.

OR If there is no corresponding event, then the next private event without date or period constraints.

⚠ Pinned events are not automatically displayed in the alert




3. Public Events

Are eligible:

All public events starting between this Monday and next Monday inclusive.

OR public events with a registration deadline in the coming week (this Monday to next Monday inclusive)

OR public events published within the last week (last Monday through last Sunday).

⚠ All of these events will only be displayed with the company logo and name, and the event title.

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