How Does The Email Campaigns Module Work?


IMPORTANT: This module is currently in the testing phase and is not available in all Career Centers. If you would like to test this module in advance, please contact your main contact person!


The email campaigns module is a new module that allows you to communicate with a targeted group of students through email campaigns. To add this module to your Career Center, please contact your main contact in JobTeaser or  

The module is available on the back-office for cc_admin and cc_super_admin


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We'll show you in this article how to create an email campaign in 9 steps. You can stop the process at any moment and your campaign will be automatically saved into the drafts. 

LET'S GO :) 

1. Create a segment or create a contact list 

This step is the first one if you want to target a specific group of students in your campaign. If you want to send the campaign to all students or to an already existing segment of students, then you can pass this part 1. 

To create a segment, please click on 'Segmentation' on the top menu. 


Then, click on the button 'Create a segment' to get to the segment creation form : 


On that form, you can : 

  • Edit the name of the segment to retrieve it later. 
  • Add filtering condition, for example you can decide to target students from a specific course as shown on the following screenshot :
    Capture_d_e_cran_2023-05-10_a__09.37.57.pngPlease use the program codes that you can find in the program module. 
  • Calculate and preview segment, to know the number of students you'll reach with the condition you defined and make sure your condition works well. To do so, select the list 'All students' and click on 'Calculate'. Sometime the percentage of the calculated students contact can be less than 1%, the system will show 0% as the result of the calculating the segment.
  • Click on 'Create segment' whenever you're ready to save the segment

Nb :

  • Your segment will be updated instantaneously to include all students concerned by the condition you defined. For example, if you create a segment to target students of the program 'MBA Finance', then all students added/removed from the program will also be added/removed from the segment.
  • Today it's possible to target on campus, program, year of graduation and language. When targeting your students by language, please use lowercase letters like en, fr, pt. For example for portuguese:

image (28).png

  • When creating a segment, the limit is set to 1000 characters. And this Characters, includes everything, the program-codes, the email addresses of the students. 
  • Using "AND" or "OR": This explanation might help you understand this better:
    • X or Y -> either X is true or Y is true
      X and Y -> X and Y must both be tru


How to create a personalized contact list?

  1. Make sure that the feature has been activated for your Career Center.
  2. Go to your Career Center and open the Email Campaigns module.


To create a customized contact list, please click on 'Contact list' on the top menu. 

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You'll land on the 5 steps interface to create a contacts list manually. To create your contact list please follow the steps mentioned below:

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    1. Name: Give your contact list a name. It should be related to the students you want to address within the list.
    2. Import file: You can either create a list by uploading a CSV file or by inserting contacts manually. We prefer the CSV upload! You can use the following example. You can add further informations about the student ex. language, campus etc. if you want to use these infos as a variable within a template.
    3. Matching: Choose the right property ex. Email must be matched with email, first name must be matched with first_name etc.
    4. Certify list: Accept the use policy.

Important Note: 

  • Please never edit the "all students" contact list. 

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  • Once a student unsubscribes from a contact lists, they'll automatically be unsubscribed from all new contact lists if their email appears


Important Note: With this feature, you can't send "scheduled campaigns" because the contact list is reset every night. If you encounter this problem, please duplicate your campaign, check the contact list and save it. Then send it manually. 


You're done with step 1. You can now create the campaign. 

2. Create your email campaign 


To get to the campaign creation form, you first need to click on 'Campaigns' and then  'Create a campaign'





You'll then see the following campaign creation form :



3. Choose your campaign's language

Select the language of the email you're going to write, to make sure both footer and unsubscription page will be translation correctly.



4. Select a name 

Choose a name for your campaign, this name is only visible on the back-office (statistics, upcoming and past campaigns listing). 
Choose a name that will help you and your colleagues find your campaign in the future if needed. 

  • Click on Edit name


  • Enter a name for your campaign, 100 characters maximum

  • Click on Save


5. Select a subject 

The subject is really important, it is what students are going to see in their mailbox. A good subject conditions the opening rate you'll have on your campaign. 

  • Click on Add subject 


  • Enter the subject line of your campaign, 100 characters maximum.
    Here, you can insert variables if you want to include for example student's first name in the subject line. 

  • Click on Save

Little tips to maximize your opening rate : 

1. Make the subject line as short as possible 

2. No '?' or '!' to avoid your emails going to the spam folder

3. Try to be as precise as possible on the content of the email. For exemple, mention the name of the event if you're pushing a specific event. 


6. Select the sender 

You'll be able to send campaigns with a Jobteaser email address ( You can configure this address, add a name on top of it, and add a reply-to address. 

  • Click on Add sender


  • Enter a name, that is what students will be able to see in their mailbox preview. This name conditions opening rate, as students are more likely to open the email if they identify who's trying to reach them. It can be your name or your school's name for example. 

  • Select the available email address.

  • Enter a reply-to address if you want your students to be able to answer to your campaign on your personal email address. To do so, click on Reply-to address and enter the email you want to receive the answers on. 


  • Click on Save


7. Create your email content 

This is the most important part of the process, create an email content that converts and so help you engage students. To do so, we prepared email templates that will help you to write impactful content that converts well. 

Little warning here, campaigns should only be guidance and professional insertion oriented.

  • Click on Design email 


  • Choose a template by clicking on select. By default, you have 2 templates available. 
    • One generic template that you can use for a newsletter or to push multiple contents
    • One template to promote a specific event to your students.

  • You can personalize everything : the text, logo, picture, background color...

    On the example below, you can add the name of the event you want to promote, its date and location, an image, a quick description. Don't forget the little introduction message that makes the student feel you're talking to him and not to a group. Variables (such as student first name or program) are here to help you personalize the message for each student. 

  • Preview and send a test email to check the rendering on desktop and mobile. Note that students are more likely to open your email on their mobile phone. To do so, click on Preview & Test and choose either Preview email or Send a test email.  


  • Click on Review & Send to save your email content and go back to the creation form. 



Please note that students will be able to unsubscribe to all campaigns sent through the email campaign module. You can't send any campaign without an unsubscription link. 


8. Select recipients 

You can send your campaign to all your students or decide to send the campaign only to some of them depending on their program for example. 

  • Click on Select recipients


  • Click on the List dropdown and select the list 'All Students' 


  • If you want to send the campaign to all students, click on Send to all contacts in the list


  • If you want to target students, click on Only send to a segment. Here you can select a segment you have already created. If you have no segment here, go back to step 1 and create your segment. Don't worry, all of you've done before will be saved as a draft. 


You can Calculate number of contacts to make sure your filtering worked well. If you're happy about it, click on Save. 

9. Schedule the campaign

Once all previous steps are completed, you'll be able to decide either to send the campaign now or schedule it for later, on the day and time that suits you. 

  • If you want to send it right away, click on Send now 


  • If you want to schedule it for later, click on Schedule


    • A configuration modale will open. Make sure the timezone is the right one, select the day and time, and click on Schedule.



IT'S DONE !  Don't forget to check your campaign performances afterwards. 

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