What is Schrems II?

This document aims at explaining how JobTeaser complies with the Schrems II decision that has canceled the Privacy Shield in 2020. 


Since JobTeaser’s data is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland, we are implementing an encryption control over data that remains totally independent from any non European service provider.


Our compliance Plan


To reach this level of compliance, we  had to change the technical design of our customer data encryption within our JobTeaser platform: we are now going to encrypt your data using a European trusted third party that is independent from our hosting provider Amazon and that is a European cybersecurity pure player service provider: Thales. 


This new design feature will prevent any unintended access to your data by any third party such as American authorities and will raise the bar in securing your data over time.




We are actively working on building this new feature and will release it on April 2nd. This feature will of course be regularly re-assessed to consider any future regulations changes.


Why is it best for JobTeaser customers


This design change ensures:

  1. The encryption of your data is and remains independent of Amazon or any other non European trusted third party
  2. The highest level of security of the data on the platform partnering with a European trusted security service provider called Thales,  a top pure player company in cybersecurity
  3. Keeping a high standard of service quality


For Graduateland customers, migrating to the JobTeaser platform improves the security of your data.


This technical solution has  been judged compliant with European legislation by the Conseil d'Etat (highest French  jurisdiction) on March 12, 2021. It therefore ensures an adequate level of compliance with European regulations while guaranteeing continuity of service and maintaining the quality of our services


You will  find below a chart showing the architecture of the new system: 



Our technical team remains at your disposal if you have any questions about this new solution.

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