How do I add useful links for my students?

Want to highlight important information for your students? You have the possibility to add useful links, visible on your students' homepage!


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Take advantage of your 'Useful links' section to (by default, this section is empty and therefore invisible to students) :

  • highlight important information for your students (links to your internship agreement template, etc.)
  • promote the use of a specific module in your Career Center (e.g. Resources, Appointments, Community)
  • communicate about an event (online forum, conference, etc.)
  • highlight groups of offers from your university (exclusive offers, partner offers, internship offers, etc.)

Your students will see a banner/text on their homepage, redirecting to the page you specified, in one click!

To set up your useful links, simply send an email to your JobTeaser contact, specifying:

  • the image/text you want to add
  • the link to which you want to redirect the image/text

If your banner/text is intended to be ephemeral, remember to specify to your contact the date it will be online and deactivated.

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