Understand the Insights module

What are Insights?


"Insights" are a new user-generated content available on the JobTeaser solution.

They are students and alumni's feedback about a professional experience they had.



What do they include?

We designed Insights so that readers can:

  • value how much the writer appreciated the professional experience (overall rating) and why (likes, dislikes)
  • get a sense of what the professional experience was on a daily basis (mission, tasks, benefits)
  • understand how this professional experience helped the writer to grow (key learning)
  • identify the company's corporate values perceived during this experience (Work-life balance and working conditions, Cooperation and gratitude, Social and environmental commitment of the company, and Self-development)
  • identify companies recruiting for specific types of professional experiences (experience abroad, very short contract…) so that students can find them easily.

Furthermore, readers can contact the insight author if she/he accepts to be contacted while writing down the information.


How does this new module help students?

Students value this new module including insights because it helps them:

  • get inspiration for their next professional experience: readers can browse the module and search insights by keyword, location, company name
  • project themselves in the job to see whether it could match their needs, values, and desires to learn
  • reach out to writers to get more details and share about the job
  • potentially get hints and insider's info to get their dream job 
  • potentially get their application pushed by an insider.


How do I access the Insights module?

When enabled in the university JobTeaser Career Center, the "Insights" module is accessible in the upper navigation bar.


How do I search for an Insight?

In the Insights module, user can:

  • Search with keywords. This feature searches in all insights fields, including Company name, Missions, like & dislike...
  • Search by location (cities and countries)
  • Search by type of contract
  • Search by duration
  • Filter by insight source. From the user home university or from the entire JobTeaser database (= all universities using JobTeaser solution)


How do I add, edit or delete an Insight?

Students and alumni can contribute, add, edit and delete testimonials from 2 modules:

  1. Directly in the Insights section
  2. From the Profile section, when adding a professional experience

In both cases, insights will show in the Insights module.


Where do those Insights come from?

The philosophy is to share insights within the entire JobTeaser network because students and alumni, value them, wherever they come from.

  • JobTeaser informs users writing an insight that it will be available in all universities from the same country, using the JobTeaser solution. 
  • As a consequence, all insights that users can browse and read come from all universities using JobTeaser in the same country.


Who can see my name?

When contributing and writing an insight, users can decide to display or hide their names and email addresses.

  • If the user decides to display their name, then all users from any university in the same country will be able to see the author's name and reach out
  • If the user decides to hide their name, then the insight will be visible to all users from any university in the same country, but it is anonymous and the author can not be contacted



How can I report an Insight?

JobTeaser hosts the data and therefore is in charge of ensuring it is compliant with legal rules.

Any user can report an insight to have JobTeaser review it and potentially delete it when it does not comply with the policy.



How to manage Insights with my partner companies?

Insights are only available for Students in Front Office. Company admins won't be notified nor will have access.

This is the best solution to ensure students feel free and write sincere insights.


Can I export my students' insights?

It is possible to download an export of your students' insights from the admin view, by clicking on the Insights module.

The data is updated instantly. Please note: the link to download the report is only valid for 48 hours. 

The report includes several columns: 

  • Creation date
  • Country
  • Insights title
  • Company name
  • First name (if shared)
  • Last name (if shared)
  • Student's email (if shared)
  • University name
  • Link to experience

The report only gathers insights posted by students from your university. If the student has chosen to post anonymously, their first and last name and email address will not appear in the report. 

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