Students & alumni can share in the "Insights module" their personal insights and feedback about professional experiences they had so that other students & alumni can browse and read them.


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For your students and alumni, it means:

  • They can browse and search the insights database, shared between all universities using the JobTeaser solution :

    • to get inspiration for their next professional experience

    • to confirm their dream jobs will match their expectations by reading others' insights

    • to get insider's information, tips, and contact

  • They can contribute and share their insights about past experiences.

    • All insights they create are shared across all universities using JobTeaser in the same country.

    • Students & alumni can decide their insights to be nominative or anonymous.


For University admins, it means:

  • Nothing to do!
    • All your students will access the feature and the full value it brings, directly from the navigation bar.
    • JobTeaser will ensure content is compliant with policy: any user can report an insight and JobTeaser takes care of the rest.


👉🏼More details about Insights available here


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