A company cannot access their company profile

Here is the process to follow if a company can no longer access its company profile:


1. Make sure they are using the right link: 




2. Give them the e-mail address linked to their account:

    • Go to the Companies module of your Back Office
    • Enter the company name in the appropriate field
    • If there is a private company profile, click on it (a private company profile has a 'Last updated' value)
    • Click on the button "Administrators"
    • You will find the list of all administrators and their e-mail address
    • If your company contact is not in this list, you can add them by clicking on the button "Add account"


3. Ask the company contact to reset their password directly from the company sign-in page



4. If they encounter the error bellow, they just have to click on the "Log me out" button and log out from the other Career Center


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