How can I use Spotlight to promote my Career Service towards students?

Career Services Spotlight is a new feature that allows you to present yourself towards your student base.


How can I access it?

To access the feature, you need to possess super admin rights to see the feature in your back office.

As a super admin, click on "Configuration", then "Career services spotlight" to create your first page.


Then, click on the button "Start creating now" to fill your first page with the form.


What can I promote towards my students?

The Spotlight page allows you many different ways to highlight your services towards students. 

Header & Welcome title

With the header and welcome title, you can personalize your page based on your own needs and brand. If you don't upload a header picture, it will show a default image.

Mission statement (mandatory)

Briefly explain what the purpose of your institution's career service is. Some example elements are:

  • assist students in exploring their career path to empower them to make informed decisions about their career trajectories
  • increase employability of students by enhancing their skills to prepare them to succeed in the competitive job market
  • connect students and alumni with employment opportunities by establishing and maintaining relationships with employers and creating a professional community for students

List of services (mandatory)

This list is the key information for students to understand what you're offering in an actionable way. At least 2 services are mandatory to publish the page. They can include:

  • CV checks
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume and cover letter writing assistance
  • Coaching and guidance sessions
  • Assistance with placement for (mandatory) internships (abroad)
  • Organizing career fairs
  • Connecting students with employers with relevant open positions

Please feel free to fill them with anything you offer, find relevant for your students and what them to be aware of.

Contact information (mandatory)

In this section, you can create up to 8 contact cards to promote different locations and ways to reach out to your career service. One is mandatory, and within that the title and the email address are minimum information. 

If you want to create multiple contact cards but only have one email address, feel free to re-use the common one.

You can also add optional items such as phone numbers, locations and even opening hours. Titles can vary between campuses, departments or faculties to make it clear which kind of students should reach out to you.

Team members (optional)

The key aspect of the Spotlight page is that it allows you to highlight the people working in your department. 

You can create different teams with different titles (up to 10) and can add up to 50 individual employees. 

They should have a name and a title, for students to understand their role and clearly see the expertise of their Career Service.

Even though not mandatory, an image of that team member will help to make the platform and your offer appear more human and approachable, having a positive impact on the perception of your team.

These items are not linked to existing accounts of co-workers, so they have to be separately created and maintained.

Quote (optional)

To add a nice focal point in your page, you can choose to add 1 quote from anyone you want (a satisfied student with your Career Service, a partner company happy to hire from your institution, an inspiring speaker to reassure your students).

The quote will appear in the middle of the page.


How do I publish/unpublish my Spotlight page?

After having filled all mandatory fields, you can publish your page either from the creation form or if you have created a draft, from the draft directly.

You will be able to review your page, before putting it live towards your students.

To take down your spotlight page, click on "unpublish" on the top right.

How do I translate my page?

After having created a first version of your Spotlight page in the base language of your Career Center, you can choose to create as many translations as you like. 

We don't recommend publishing more than 2-3 translations, as you will need to maintain all of them and risk to display outdated information if you have too many.

If you have at least 1 spotlight page, it will always be displayed to your students no matter their language, please see below for more details on the rules.

To create a translation, use the dropdown menu and choose the language you want to create. Then, you can choose to pre-fill your content from an existing page or start from scratch.

Creating a translation from an existing page
You will be able to retrieve existing teams and pictures if you decide to copy an existing page. However, the content is not automatically translated, so please be diligent to replace the information everywhere.

Creating a page from scratch
You will start off with an empty page, so you can freely fill the page with translated content.

The different translations are independent of each other, meaning you can add different information and even header pictures depending on your audience.

In which language is my Spotlight page displayed to students?

By default, a Spotlight page in the main language of your Career Center is needed to start. If only this page exists, it will be displayed to all of your students. Only the different pre-defined titles (by JobTeaser) will be translated if the student browses the page in another language, but the content will stay the same.

If you have an English translation, it will be displayed to all students that are not browsing your Career Center in its main language, unless a translation of their exact language exists.

If you have another language translated and it matches the display language of your students, it will be shown in their language.



English is always used as a fallback for all other languages 

Main language Available translations Language of the student Language in which they see the page


If an exact translation exists, it will be displayed to relevant students, others see English (if it exists).

Main language Available translations Language of the student Language in which they see the page


If no translation exists or the translation isn't in English, all students see the page in the main language.

Main language Available translations Language of the student Language in which they see the page


Important Note: Please note that unless the Spotlight page is complete and published, it will not be visible by the students. To have the publish button activated, you should always click on "Review before publishing", go though each section to see where the issue is. 

Capture d’écran 2024-05-20 à 14.30.09.png


Once the Spotlight page is published, it will be visible on the top right side of the students dashboard

Capture d’écran 2024-05-20 à 14.37.31.png

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