Career Guidance Summit - Access our content's sessions!


Following our Career Guidance Summit 2023 event, we're making the content of the sessions available to you!


1/ Replays of the plenary sessions and some other sessions are available on our dedicated website: Career Guidance Summit.

The introductory quiz is based on data collected in our Gen Z study The next generation's relationship to work : "working smarter not harder".

2/ PDF presentations of each session (workshops, roundtables, conferences) are available below. Each presentation is linked to one of the following themes:

  • Path 1: Take student engagement to the next level
  • Path 2: Strengthen your Career Service’s relationships with university departments
  • Path 3: Become an expert in recruiting trends

As the event was held in english, all presentations are in english.

Date and time Path 1 Path 2 Path 3
Day 1 - Block 1 Back to school 2023: Boost your social media & emailing skills Empowering students as ambassadors: best practices and use cases Navigating recruiting trends across cultures
Day 1 - Block 2 Demystify the recruitment process for your students Unlocking Students’ Soft Skills: the Career Services’ Insights A glance through the future of work by @Work in progress
Day 2 - Block 1 How to level up the skills of GenZ… told by GenZ ! Breaking down barriers: successful career fairs for GenZ and beyond The AI Advantage: Empower Students for the Future of Work
Day 2 - Block 2 The power of inclusion: engaging Gen Z through diversity and inclusion Collaborate with all departments to better engage students Mental Health: A prevention toolkit for Gen Z and beyond


Should you have any question, please reach out to your main contact at JobTeaser!

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