Open Desk Sessions - what is it?


  • You have a question you cannot manage to answer, despite going through all the HelpCenter articles? 

  • You are eager to learn more about your Career Center? 

  • You want tips on a certain module? 

  • You have doubts? 


We got you! 

Welcoming Open desk sessions: get to ask your questions to your JobTeaser team to make the most out of your Career Center.


What is it? 

A two hour Q&A session, on a first-come-first-served basis, where you will be able to interact with one of our Career Center experts. Our objective is to answer your questions, doubts and everything in between. We want to help you, so do not hesitate to connect, there are no bad questions here!  


When is it? 

Every third Monday of the month from 10am to 12pm (GMT+2)

Please find here the calendar for the next sessions:

Date Language
20/05/2024 EN
17/06/2024 FR - EN
15/07/2024 FR - EN


How can I connect? 

Through the following Zoom link:

Friendly tip: add the slot to your calendar with the link above in it, to make sure you don't forget to join on the D-day. 


How can I get ready to make the most out of the Open Desk session? 

  • Prepare your questions in advance 
  • Try to show screenshots or be ready to share your screen
  • Do not hesitate to write down your answer in the chat if that is more comfortable for you

Our golden rules: 

  • We work here on a first-come-first-served basis 
  • Please ask one question at a time (so everyone can get the opportunity to ask their question too)  
  • No replays will be available from the session, so take notes! 
  • When you start talking, please introduce yourself and let us know which school you come from, we are curious to know! 

Thank you and see you very soon on our upcoming Open Desk Session! 

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