Virtual Career Fair - Adding live presentations to your event

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What is a live presentation?
How to set up the live presentation schedule
What is the mandatory test run? 
What you need to do on the event day 


What is a live presentation?

Live presentations allow you to broadcast live during your event. Event participants simply go to the “Presentations” tab on the day of the event and can follow along and engage with presenters by writing in the LIVE Questions box. Exhibitors who use this tool get almost 50% more engagement during the event and boost their brand recognition.


How to set up the live presentation schedule 

Important: Please set up the live presentation schedule within 30 days before your event! Otherwise, the automatically created Zoom link will expire. 

To sum up, you need to go through the following steps:



Give the live presentation a general title and decide whether you want to enable the live Q&A-box if you want participants to be able to write in questions during the presentations. 


Insert the stream URL,stream key, and stream page URL. You have two options: 

  1. Use your own Youtube account: The needed information can then be found in the created stream. See here for how to create a youtube stream.

  2. Use our Youtube account: We will provide you with the needed information. Feel free to reach out to your contact person within JobTeaser if you have not received the information yet.


Add all presentations to your schedule. 

Use the "add company to present" button to put in companies that are having a presentation into your schedule and insert their respective time slots, their presentation title, and description.  

As soon as exhibitors have been added, a "Presentations" tab will appear on their side of the platform when they log into the event. That is also where they can join the presentation on the event day and the Q&A questions will appear.

If you have external speakers that are not represented with a stall at your event, you can use the “Add keynote speaker” button instead and fill out the details about their presentation and add a profile picture of the speaker. 

As external speakers do not have access to the platform, you need to forward them the link to join the presentation and the incoming questions. You can find the ‘Copy join link’ button and the incoming questions on the admin side in the presentation tab of your event.

Save it, and your schedule is now ready to be shown to the participants! 
The Zoom link will be generated a week prior to your event, and you can then copy it and send it to your speakers.

You can click on the "Add a Presentation" tab to add a new Presentation tab in your event if: 

  1. You are planning to have a mix of the types of live presentations (e.g. both live presentations and pre-recorded). 
  2. You are having presentations running in parallel. 

What is the mandatory test run? 

The mandatory test run is a call you need to schedule with your speakers around one week before the event to ensure that all the speakers know how to do the presentation and that their camera and microphone work as they should. Decide on a date and time as soon as possible, to ensure that everyone is available. Test runs normally take around 30 minutes depending on how many speakers you have.


You can use the template we have created here to moderate the test run. The most important is to make sure that all speakers feel confident in using the presentation tool and that the technical aspects work. Let us know when you are planning to do the test run and we will provide you with a zoom link and support you with incoming questions.

On the event day 

On the event day, there are four steps you need to follow, in order for your live presentation to run successfully. Make sure in advance that you as the host have the Zoom APP downloaded on your computer. 




Start the Zoom call 10-15 minutes prior to the first presentation: Go to the "Presentations" tab when you are logged in as an admin and click "Host the call via APP" - this is necessary to moderate the live presentations. Make sure you have renamed yourself since the speakers' names will appear in the broadcast. If you have external speakers that are not represented with a stall at your event, you can use the 'copy join link' button to share the link to the Zoom call with them.




Start the live presentation in order for it to start streaming on the participant side: Make sure everyone apart from the first speaker is muted and has their camera turned off. In the Zoom call, click on "More"  → “Live on Custom Live Streaming Service”. The presentation has started when a red dot appears in the top left corner and you can kick off your presentations according to your agenda! 

Tip: We recommend starting the live presentation a couple of minutes before. You can share a welcome or agenda slide via the "share screen" button before starting the live presentation. That will then be the first thing the candidates will see when you go live.




Coordinate the live presentations by e.g. letting speakers into the Zoom call from the waiting room, making sure that they are muted if necessary and that you are on track following the schedule. You can communicate with your speakers by using the zoom chat, this will not be visible to the participants.



During the presentations, you can see the incoming questions asked by the participants via the LIVE Q&A section in the presentations tab. That means you can help the presenting companies by forwarding the questions to the Zoom call and marking questions that have been answered.



End the broadcast after the last presentation by ending the call. Participants can rewatch the live presentations after the event via the presentation tab, as long as the event lobby is still open.


Not all companies can attend our test run. Can we organise another one? 

We only support one test run. However, you can always organise a second test run on your own. You do not necessarily need to have a Zoom account for this, since Zoom is offering 45 minutes meetings for free.

For the test run, do I need to set anything up on the event portal?

No, you don't have to set anything up on the event portal for the test run. The test run will only take place in Zoom. In that way, the moderator and the speaker have the same experience as on the event day. 

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