Virtual Career Fair - Show presence at your event with an info stall

What is an info stall?

An info stall gives you the chance to be present with your own stall during the fair. It works in the same way as a normal exhibitor stall. That means that you have access to use all the same features as your exhibitors (e.g. chat and breakout rooms). 

For the participants, the info stall will show up highlighted at the top of the ‘companies’ tab of your event. 



We highly recommend that you set up an info stall as it, for example, enables you to support participants during the event or collect feedback via the chat. Furthermore, you can share information about the event and promote your own brand. You can also host breakout room sessions during the event where you can talk to the participants about different topics; e.g. CV workshops.


How do I set up the info stall?1648121478927-Knowledge_Base_GIF__8___1_.gif

  1. Go to the ‘Companies’ tab in the event admin.

  2. Click on ‘Add company’ to register your organisation to the event. You can select your organisation from the drop-down or add a new organisation. Add yourself as a contact person.
  3. Click the action button and mark your organisation as the ‘Info stall’. Please be aware that only one exhibitor can be marked as an info stall.

  4. Add content to your stall. You can do that via the recruiter or the admin side. From the admin side, you can enter the settings of your stall via the action button, “company stall” in the company tab. If you want to set up your stall from the recruiter side, you can follow the link in the email you have received when adding you as the contact person of the info stall in step 2.

  5. To set up and use the communication features (breakout rooms, 1-1 conversations, chats), you need to log in and access the event area from the recruiter side. Remember to log in on the recruiter side on the event day if you are using these features.

Note: As a stall representative of your info stall, you need a recruiter profile. Please be aware that this is not the same profile that you use to access as the event as a participant or an administrator. You can use the same email address for your recruiter profile.

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