Virtual Career Fair - Use demo events/test events to get to know the platform and onboard your exhibitors

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What is a demo event?

1. Get to know the event platform

2. Onboard your exhibitors

How to set up a demo event

What is a demo event?

A demo event is a free event that you can get access in order to get to know the event platform better (1) and to onboard your exhibitors (2). Reach out to your person of contact at JobTeaser to get access to a demo/test event. 


1. Get to know the event platform

With the help of a demo event, you can try out different features and setups. You can log in as a participant and recruiter to experience how your customers are experiencing the event. 

By using a demo event you will get a better understanding of your portal which will enable you to provide a better service to your stakeholders and make the most of your event!


2. Onboard your exhibitors

With the help of a demo event, you can organise one or several onboarding sessions with your exhibitors


From our experience, such a session is highly appreciated by the companies as they get to know the platform and know what they have to do to prepare for the event as well as on the event day. 
You can profit from offering your clients a better service and we can promise you, that such an onboarding session will also have a positive impact on the amount of questions you will receive.


We recommend planning the onboarding session around 2 weeks before you open up the event lobby. In that way, the exhibitors will have enough time to set up their stall but will remember how to interact on the event day.



The structure of your onboarding meeting can be similar to the onboarding meeting you joined with us. It could for example look like this:


1. Welcome your exhibitors 
Share general information about the event (e.g. date of the event, when you open the event lobby, who the recruiters can meet)

2. Walk them through the recruiter side
We recommend starting with showing them how to make an account/sign in and register for the event.
Afterward, you can walk them through the different tabs of the recruiter side one by one. Show them to get ready for the event and how to interact.

3. Walk them through the participant side (optional) 
By doing so, the companies can get a better impression of virtual/hybrid events in general. The admin side is of course not relevant.

4. Q&A
Leave some time at the end of the meeting to answer questions.


Important: Remember that the event should be live during the time of the meeting. In that way, you can demonstrate all the different functionalities (e.g. also the chat) and demonstrate how it will look like on the event day.

How to set up a demo event


If you need access to a demo/test event, reach out to your person of contact at JobTeaser. Then we will give you access to such an event. 

When creating the event, we recommend adding the information (do not register) to the event name. In that way, the participants, as well as the recruiters, are aware that it is not a proper event. 

Please be aware that certain functionalities can only be tested/shown when the event is live

We recommend only setting the event online if you are working with it and keeping it offline otherwise. When it is offline, it is not showing on the participant and company sides. You can regulate that in the event overview of your demo event.

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