GDPR Compliance at JobTeaser: Joint controller agreement between Universities and JobTeaser

Students and alumni from more than 700 universities across Europe benefit from JobTeaser's data protection and security processes. 

JobTeaser commits to comply with European laws on personal data protection. We therefore provide our users a Privacy by Design platform.

Who are we?

Since 2008, JobTeaser has been providing services dedicated to guidance and recruitment. 

Thanks to JobTeaser platform, three stakeholders are able to interact : 

  • Our partner universities, to whom we offer a recruitment and guidance platform (Career Center) integrated on their intranet, in order to help the professional development and hiring of their students ;
  • Our partner companies, to whom we provide a space to promote their brand and post Job Ads for students and young graduates. This content is published on our public website and in the Career Centers of all our universities; 
  • Students and graduates, to whom we offer a platform in order to facilitate their professional development and hiring by companies, thanks to the different features provided by the platform. We offer dedicated content on the platform where students, universities and recruiters can interact with each other.  

What is the JobTeaser Data model?

JobTeaser, as publisher of the Career Center and as part of its overall mission to assist students and graduates in their career guidance and integration, and the partner university as part of its public interest mission to assist in career guidance and integration, are joint controllers when they use the Career Center functionalities and process student personal data on this occasion. 

Does a joint controller agreement need to be signed? 

Yes, JobTeaser and the partner university will sign a joint controllers agreement in accordance with Article 26 of the GDPR.  

How are the users informed? 

This joint data controller relationship is explained in detail in our general terms of use and our privacy policy which are accepted by our users when registering. 

Need more info? 

If you have any further questions, please let us know by contacting, and our Data Protection Officer will be happy to help.

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