Resources Module Release

JobTeaser launches a new "Resources" module this summer



We are delighted to announce the redesign of one of your Career Center's flagship modules: the Resources module!

After analysing your many requests for changes, and conducting interviews with our partner institutions and students, we have reworked this module to meet the recurring needs identified.

It is a pleasure to present in this article the work accomplished by our teams!


This new interface ensures a better user experience on all pages of the Resources module.


Your students and alumni will be able to :

  • Better visualise the content of the article via a customised image
  • Access important articles from the homepage with one click (main article, quick access)
  • Navigate through the themes organised in a menu bar
  • Find the articles that correspond to them in a new, more efficient search bar
  • Better target the content they want to read first 
  • Navigate through the different sections of the summary
  • See better the items to be downloaded

On your side, from the admin view, you will now be able to :

  • Customise the new home page of the Resources module
    • By highlighting a star article
    • By making it easier to consult certain resources using direct links
    • By pinning the topics of your choice
  • Customise the preview of an article, by adding :
    • An image of your choice
    • A description
    • An author
    • A reading time
  • Gain visibility on the behaviour of your students
    • Via a new dashboard in the Statistics module
  • Identify at a glance the languages in which the article is translated
    • Using the “languages” labels associated with each article and each theme

These improvements will be rolled out progressively throughout the summer. To activate the new interface in your Career Center, please ask your JobTeaser point of contact!

In addition, a group training session is planned to guide you through this migration! You can also refer to our step by step online guide to help you move to this new interface.

If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to write to us in the comments of this article 🙂


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