How to export Jobs in a CSV file?

In the Jobs module of your Back Office, you can, as an administrator, get a detailed export of the private jobs on your Career Center.

By clicking on "Download CSV export" at the top right, you can download the Excel file of all jobs that are either entered or placed on the form.




You will be able to find all fields corresponding to the jobs: Company name, Sector, Job title, Type of contract, Function, Duration, Experience, Location, Recruiter's details, Assigned tags, Refusal message if existing, etc. 

The functions of the following columns are listed below:
  • "Link / Email to apply" column: all email addresses of the recruiters who submitted a job
  • "Date of creation" column: the submission date of a job, which is useful to generate precise statistics on the number of jobs received each month
  • "Tags" column: the tag(s) you attributed to each job
  • "Posted by an alumni" column: whether a job was posted by a student or a graduate of your institution (if the content of the box is "True")
  • "Views" and "Unique Views" columns: the number of total views and the number of unique views for each job respectively. Then you just have to sort descend to see the ranking of the most viewed jobs
  • "Applications" column: the number of applications for each job, ie the number of clicks on the "Apply" button
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  • This is a manual transfer. One shoot at a time. Is there an API to let our server download the current list of active job ads in our JobBoard

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