Managing languages in the Jobs module

Choosing in which language a job is published is done during the creation of a job, either for a private job posted by a recruiter or by an admin via the back-office. 

As a reminder, the main language is the website display language and the default language for content to be shown whereas the secondary language adds the possibility for users to view content in additional languages. Adding a secondary language means you see content in the Jobs, Events, Companies, Resources modules in various languages. This means that students who have a language selected as either their main display language or as a secondary language will be able to see this content.


Jobs posted via the Back-Office 

If the job is posted manually via the back-office, click on the Jobs module then on "Add a job ad" to create a private job. 



At the bottom of the part "Job Details", you can choose the language of the job (the languages displayed are the ones available on your Career Centre). It is not possible to select more than one language. 

In the example above, the selected language is "English". It means that the job is visible to students who have accepted to view content in English (either as main language or as a secondary language). 


Job posted by a private recruiter 

When a job has been created by a private recruiter, it is created in the language of the recruiter form by default. The language of the recruiter form is adaptable in the URL link (part in bold)



On the dashboard of the Jobs module, it is possible to do a search on specific languages via the filter "Job language". 


You can find out the language of a job in the details section.

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